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The standard measure for diamond weight is the "carat". A carat is 200 milligrams and is divided into 100 points ( for example, a 25 point diamond is 1/4 carat and would weigh 50 milligrams).

Diamond Carat Weight Diagram         

(This diagram is for presentation purposes and is not to scale)

Carat weight is the easiest of the four C's to determine, however the diamond MUST be loose. Too many jewellers approximate carat weight, for instance, when you buy a 1/2 carat diamond, which you assume to be 50 points, you may actually be getting less than that. Many stores sell as low as 45 points, and present the stone as "approximately" a 1/2 carat.

There is nothing wrong with buying a "light" 1/2 carat, however the cost should be significantly less. You should know what you are buying, and pay accordingly.

Although the most obvious characteristic, carat weight is the least important in determining the brilliance and beauty of a diamond.

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