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It is in the hands of the master diamond cutter to bring out the scintillating fire of a diamond. A well cut diamond reflects the maximum amount of light, through the diamond from one mirror-like surface to another, dispersed through the top of the stone. Diamonds cut too shallow or too deep lose light that spills through the side or bottom. Consequently, a poorly proportioned stone is less brilliant and spectacular and accordingly less valuable.


Round Brilliant Cut Diamond DiagramRound Brilliant Cut Diamond DiagramRound Brilliant Cut Diamond Diagram
FACETS: A diamond's flat, polished surfaces and planes.
TABLE: A diamond's large flat "top" facet.
GIRDLE: A diamond's narrow diameter rim.
CROWN: A diamond's upper portion above the girdle.
PAVILION: A diamond's lower portion below the girdle
Culet: A diamond's tiny facet on the pointed bottom.
BRILLIANT CUT: 32 facets above and 24 facets below the girdle.
BEZEL FACETS: Kite-shaped facets on the crown of brilliant cuts.




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